What is Nomad Coaching?

An amazing journey through self-awareness

Nomad Coaching TM is a unique concept aligned with our values which combines our skills to promote profound and long lasting change for our clients while contributing to a better and more responsible world.

We offer our clients the opportunity to take part in an unforgettable journey in Asia or South America with 3 objectives:

  • Discover Nepal or Brazil off the beaten track, far from the trip you would embark on with a classic travel agency. Meet and spend time with the local population and grow from our differences.
  • Allow yourself to change your life rapidly and achieve your goals with the support of our coaches.
  • Contribute to the development of the local communities that we support in Nepal and Brazil


What makes our team different?

  • 10 years’ travel experience in Asia and Brazil
  • International coaches and therapists  (Languages: French, English, Brazilian/Portuguese) specialised in intercultural coaching.
  • An active partnership with local NGOs


Who is it for?

  • You want to live a unique experience,
  • You want to take the time to center yourself and achieve your dreams,
  • You want to start a new life or build a new life project,
  • You want to accelerate your self-development process,
  • You want to travel the world safely and discover a country meeting local communities,
  • You want to take part in a humanitarian project offering your skills,
  • You want to learn more about culture and spirituality,
  • You want to connect with your deeper self and the essential in life…
  • …Then, Nomad Coaching TM is for you!


How does change happen?

You will experience a profound and intense coaching programme:

  • 3 advanced coaching sessions,
  • 1 Firewalk coaching TM experience,
  • 1 ayurvedic or hot-stone massage,
  • Mindfulness and meditation sessions in sacred places,
  • Offering your skills to support the NGO’s programme for one day.

Through making authentic encounters and personal work away from your daily life and by receiving personalised support to help, you will be able to change and implement your objectives on your return.