What our participants say


« Thanks to the Nomad coaching programme I have been through, I have been able to discover my real needs and values. The journey helped me get to know myself better; increased my confidence and showed me the different options that are available to me in life. I feel much more confident and serene.

It is nice to find a true simplicity in what appears to be obvious. Thank you Bertrand for your kindness, your listening skills, your faith and light!»

Antonella Costantino – Choregraph


« The confusion disappeared session after session leaving space to work on a clear and precise project that changed my life.  This change took place during my journey through India and Nepal meeting native communities. This journey was of immense benefit to me. I now have an objective and a clear action plan to reach it. Thank you Bertrand. »

Laurent Virlouvet  – Independent retailer


« There is no word big enough to describe what I feel in my heart, my mind and my eyes… This trip was beyond my expectations. Words to describe the experience? Breath-taking, emotional, friendhsip, beauty, humor.

When the sun rose over the Annapurnas and I was miles away from home, I realized the chance I had to be in front of the biggest mountain chain of the world… I was facing pure beauty ! Silence was everywhere, inside and out of us. It was like a communion with the universe. But it is nothing compared to Ram’s smile so proud to make us discover the wonders of his country. This day will remains forever in my heart.

But, Nepal is not only this marvelous day, it is a country full of surprises and kindness! Each day we spent with the group of coaches, the sounds of the Namastes in the background, gave a profound sense of friendship. Thank you Bertrand to have enlightened our path with so much humanity »

Carine Aujogue – Finance manager  


« Words to describe this experience?

Transformation, Spirituality, open-mindedness, humanity

Namasté! An authentic trip to the heart of emotions, Nomad Coaching TM is not a common trip to a foreign country. Wherever you are, in the mythical Katmandu valley, at the feet of the Annapurna, sharing a milk tea in a Nepali family or having a powerful coaching session with Bertrand, it is really hard to escape the authenticity and friendly atmosphere. Welcome home! »

Eric Aujogue  – IMIS School of management Dean