Who are we?

The International Institute of Human Coaching

IICH, International Institute of Human Coaching, is supporting and developing human potential both individually and corporately in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.

We specialise in cross-cultural work and social transformation which meets the highest of international coaching standards.

The principles underlying our work are:

  • Passion,
  • Authenticity,
  • Challenge,
  • Innovation,
  • Courage,
  • Open mindedness,
  • Ethics

These values govern our attitudes and behaviours in regards to approaching and implementing change.

We are committed to delivering high quality innovative coaching and training that will achieve sustainable transformation for both individuals and organisations.

Our programmes are tailor-made to help you achieve your organisational objectives. Our skilled workforce will work with you to maximize your potential as quickly and efficiently as possible by creatively participating with you to achieve your goals.


Changing your world together!

Our intention

Our mission is to inspire people to go beyond their limiting beliefs, to have the courage to step out their comfort zone and make a difference in their lives.

We provide innovative and powerful systemic coaching training that enables you and your teams to overcome your limiting beliefs, connect with your higher self and master the tools and techniques to help others do the same.

Socially engaged and “pragmatic idealists”, we believe that anyone can change one’s reality even in slums or deprived areas. This is why we developed long term action with local population in Nepal and Brazil through NGOs we support since 2007.

On a wider scale, we train social entrepreneurs to lead successful businesses and positively impact their communities.


A human adventure 

Matthieu Ricard’s quotation “Compassion: When the hand creates what the heart meditates” could be our mantra.


Bertrand Beauregard is the founder of the IICH. Certified PCC by the ICF, he is an authentic passionate traveler, master coach and trainer. After working 4 years in deprived areas learning, studying and sharing the specificities of these realities (beliefs and behaviours), he developed an effective cross-cultural coaching model. With a strong experience rooted in anthropology, inter-culturality, pedagogy, and systemic change and coaching, the model had great results in South America, Asia and Europe. He leads and manages the Nomad Coaching TM Program


Small by his size and big by his heart, Ram Lohani is a Nepali social entrepreneur and treasurer of NGO Madanpur Association of Nepal. He leads the NGO’s projects and takes care of the logistic and happiness of our Nomad Coaching group.



Hari Penday is our Nepali wisdom trekking guide. Since it is not possible to move mountains, he will bring you there safely and will teach you all he knows about Nepali magic and culture. He works as the secretary of Madanpur’s Association of Nepal


Aline Araujo is our Amazon-Carioca coach from Brazil. Humble, fun and wise, she is an amazing human being. She will guide you through the Afro-Brazilian mysteries and culture. She leads the IICH’s Social Responsibility Coaching TM and Social Entrepreurship Coaching TM Programmes in Brazil. She is the director of Cazio Comunicaçao and founder of the Successful Caramujo Project led in the favelas.


Wanderson Lemos is probably one of the most talented artist from the new generation of MPB (Popular Music form Brazil) in Rio de Janeiro. Open-minded by nature, his art is beyond words and aims to connect people whatever the colors, the differences, the cultures, the social origins… As a lifeline, he never gives up to promote social change. He  is also the mentor for Caramujo’s project where he teaches the kids from deprived background about culture and arts. For our Nomad Coaching TM  , he makes you discover Brazil’s different realities and what is “behind the curtain and appearances.



Nomad coaching TM is a journey into IICH world. This programme was created in 2010 with the aim to transform people’s lives through a profound process of immersion into a emerging country and allowing them to make their dreams become a reality. Through this programme, you experience a guided tour with our local teams, discover the country off the beaten track. You take part in our social project and experience an intensive coaching process. Filled with renewed energy, you will be able to carry out the action plan to achieve your goals as soon as you return from this trip!

Conscious that sustainable change is systemic, we work with long term and socially engaged partners in the country where we lead Nomad coaching TM.



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